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There is strong evidence to support that integrated human resources management practices in all sizes of organizations have a positive effect on employee performance, if properly implemented and accompanied by a supportive culture and climate.  In such cases, human resources practices increase knowledge, skills and abilities, improve motivation and an ownership culture.  They also increase retention of productive and competent employees and have a direct and economically significant effect on organizational financial performance.


At HR Performance & Results, we focus on designing programs and systems and using tools that will achieve the results that our clients are looking for.  Whether it is a customized performance management tool to drive the business forward and maintain or developing a Health & Safety program to ensure a passing mark with the Workwell Audit, HR Performance & Results is dedicated to ensuring that optimum results are achieved.  Below are a few case studies on some common human resources management practices and their benefits.   

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Comprehensive Health & Safety Program (Compliance with the Workwell Audit)


A manufacturing company was identified as a candidate for a Workwell audit.  Companies selected for a Workwell evaluation are those whose injury experience are significantly higher than other businesses doing similar work.  Although the company felt that they had safe work practices in place they did not achieve their passing score of 75% and were given 6 months to improve.

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Customized Performance Management Tool (Alignment of Employee’s Performance with Organizational Performance)


A professional services firm was diligent in annually evaluating their employee’s performance however they were considering stopping the process because they were not observing any benefits.  They were utilizing the same form and the same criteria for all their positions and managers rushed to complete the forms for their employees.  Managers never received training on how to conduct a proper evaluation interview.

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Development of a Formal Pay Plan System (Managing Wages)


A transportation company had a good track record in retaining their employees.  Each year since the mid 90’s they were giving all of their employee’s cost of living increases and as a result their labour cost had significantly increased.  Over the last few years they noticed that their top performers were becoming de-motivated because they were at the same rate as the satisfactory performers.  They also noticed that by giving their employees higher rates each year that it did not necessarily improve their performance.

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The Profile XT in use by a Sales Organization (Sales Productivity)

A large nationwide sales company wanted a better way to select highly productive sales personnel.  The organization used the Profile XT to assess their sales staff and then conducted a study to determine the relationship between the PXT results and sales productivity.

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The Profile XT in use by a Travel Agency (Turnover)

A travel agency was experiencing what it considered an unacceptable turnover rate among its agents.  The agency decided to use the Profile XT to conduct a study of the relationship between PXT results and turnover.

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