Comprehensive Health & Safety Program 

(Compliance with the Workwell Audit) 

A manufacturing company was identified as a candidate for a Workwell audit.  Companies selected for a Workwell evaluation are those whose injury experience are significantly higher than other businesses doing similar work.  Although the company felt that they had safe work practices in place, they did not achieve their passing score of 75% and were given 6 months to improve.



The Owner contacted HR Performance & Results to assist them in developing a comprehensive

Health & Safety program to ensure that they passed their re-evaluation visit.   We not only assisted them in developing the program but also with the implementation process.  We continue to maintain their program through our secure on-line documentation management system.


The Bottom Line Impact

The company achieved a 95% passing score.


If the company did not pass at the second evaluation, an additional premium charge would have been applied.  The charge would have ranged from 10% to 75% of the company’s base annual premium, depending on the extent and seriousness of the health and safety shortfalls.