Our Human Resources Team

Incorporated in 2003,  HR Performance and Results has grown into a boutique style firm with a team that has over 30 years of experience working in all areas of Human Resources and Health & Safety.  Our team consists of senior level HR PARtners (CHRP Designated), HR Specialists and an administrative support team. 


Our In-Sourced Service Model

We have an integrated team of experts providing an unconventional approach to Human Resources with a unique service model.  Undoubtedly, you are familiar with the concept of “outsourcing” as it has been around for many years.  Typically, organizations utilize outsourcing services in order to realize cost savings, productivity improvements and/or to obtain expertise in an area that it does not possess internally.  Our in-sourced service model allows us to offer full-service support to our client which differs from an outsourced model. We not only assist with the development process of systems but we also help to implement them. We maintain our clients policies and procedures on our secure on-line documentation management system and offer ongoing advisory services.  This model allows us to provide very similar support to the small and mid-size companies that an internal HR department would provide. 


 Our Team

We are a team of HR professionals committed to exceeding client expectations in the quality of interaction, services and products delivered. We act with integrity,honesty and the highest level of regard for our clients business and priorities.  Our services and products are a reflection of who we are and what we value.  Each team member is an active member of the Human Resources Professional’s Association(of Ontario). We are also members of TEC Canada.  We invest heavily in training and developing our team to ensure that we remain current with industry best practices, trends and changing legislation that enables us to bring our clients a diverse set of skills, knowledge and expertise. We are experienced HR professionals who genuinely care about our clients’ businesses and who are truly passionate about what we do.   


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