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At HR Performance & Results, we specialize in developing comprehensive Health & Safety programs for clients in a variety of industry sectors. It is essential for an organization to integrate health & safety into all aspects of the business including operations, human resources, finance, sales and marketing.  Our goal is to partner with our clients to create a healthy and safe organization by developing integrated systems and facilitating a process of cultural integration within your organization.


Our approach is different from our competitors because we not only assist with the development of your Health & Safety program but we also assist with the implementation process.  We also have a client secure-net site where we manage and maintain all of your health and safety documents in an on-line documentation management system.


The following is a brief description of the health & safety services we provide:  

  • Health & Safety Assessment
  • Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • Hazard Controls
  • Health & Safety Program             


  • Health & Safety Employee Handbook
  • Health & Safety Management Orientation Program
  • Health & Safety Employee Orientation Program                     

Do you know your due diligence requirements?

  • Do you and your team have up-to-date knowledge of all related Occupational Health & Safety laws and regulations?
  • Do you have an ongoing assessment of the potential hazards within your workplace?
  • Do you ensure that there is ongoing action to correct hazards?
  • Do you have a comprehensive written up-to-date implemented Health & Safety program in place?
  • Is there an ongoing orientation and training process in place?
  • Are your supervisors monitoring compliance with policies and procedures and safe work practices?
  • Do you communicate to your employees any type of changes to equipment and safe working procedures? 
  • Do you use progressive disciplinary steps to enforce compliance with your employees?
  • Do you document all of the above processes?

The First Step

The Health & Safety Assessment

Health & Safety Assessment

This assessment is critical in laying the foundation of what needs to be accomplished in developing a H&S program.

Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment

A specific step by step analysis of all jobs and work-sites for biological, physical, environmental and chemical hazards.  A ranking and correction of methodology follows.

Hazard Controls

Developed from the analysis in collaboration with the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

The Second Step

Laying the Foundation

Development of a Health & Safety Program

A well documented Health & Safety program is a mandatory legal requirement.  The Health & Safety program will incorporate all key elements of mandatory legal requirements.

Development of a Health & Safety Employee Handbook

An employee orientation tool used by managers to orientate new employees into the workplace. 

The Next Step

Integrating Health & Safety into the Workplace

Development of a Health & Safety Management Orientation Program

Consistent application of Health & Safety policies & procedures are critical in defining the success of these systems.  "Competent" supervisors are a legal due diligence requirement. 

Development of a Health & Safety Employee Orientation Program

Consistent application of Health & Safety policies and procedures are critical in defining the success of these systems. 

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"We had an inspection by the Ministry of Labour last year.  It was a successful encounter, due in large to part  to the Health & Safety program that Janice assisted us in creating prior to their visit.  The on-line service that HR Performance & Results Inc. offers has also been a great benefit to us."

Susan Peacock, Vice President, Parry Automotive

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