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At HR Performance & Results, we provide an unconventional approach to Human Resources. We develop integrated HR systems within companies that result in significant "bottom line" results. 

It is critical that businesses have a solid human resources foundation in order for them to manage their people effectively. Our mandate is to be there for you when you need us, working alongside you within clearly defined parameters, reflective of your culture.

Our approach is different from our competitors because we not only assist with the development of policies and systems, but we also assist with the implementation and training process and provide on-going advisory services.  Our leading edge on-line documentation management system ensures that your documents are maintained and updated on a continuous basis.       

The following is a summary of the services that we offer:

  • Human Resources Audit
  • Human Resources Policies & Procedures
  • Employee Handbook
  • Job Analysis & Job Descriptions
  • Human Resources Management Orientation
  • Advisory Services

  • Knowledge Bank
  • Performance Management Tools & Training
  • Formal Compensation Plan & Pay Equity Compliance
  • Training/Workshops
  • Recruitment Services
  • Employee Opinion Surveys

The First Step

The HR Audit

Human Resources Audit

As business owners and managers, one of our main goals is to maintain a profitable organization.  How we manage our people impacts customer retention and profitability, therefore managing them effectively is critical.  Just as financial audits are conducted, periodic and systematic evaluations should be conducted to assess how effectively organizations are managing their most valuable asset, their people. 

What is an HR Audit?

The human resources audit closely examines the people side of the organization.  It involves a comprehensive review of HR-related policies, procedures and practices.  It provides an opportunity to do a systematic review of activities that might otherwise be viewed as unrelated and it identifies areas that require further attention or improvement

Why Conduct an HR Audit?

The audit is a learning experience for everyone in the organization.  It can educate managers and employees on what human resources management is really all about.  An audit can assist the organization in a number of ways by:

  • Identifying strengths or practices that are efficient, effective and worth retaining and improving
  • Identifying gaps or problem areas that require elimination or attention
  • Determining if the HR-related systems are in alignment and calibrated with the overall business strategy and direction
  • Identifying the critical information, foundation and input required to develop the HR Strategy or Plan to support the business strategy
  • Understanding whether the organization is at risk due to non-compliance with relevant workplace legislation

The Second Step

Laying the Foundation

Employee Handbook

An employee socialization tool used by managers to orientate new employees into the workplace

Human Resources Policies & Procedures

Well documented human resources policies and procedures are essential tools used by managers to make effective decisions within the organization.  All human resources policies and procedures must be compliant with employment related legislation and must be customized to reflect the organizations current practice. 

Employment Agreements

Written employment agreements outline terms and conditions of employment prior to an employee starting work.

Job Analysis/Work Flow Analysis/Job Descriptions

Job analysis information can be used for; Organizing Work/ Structure, Recruitment & Selection, Pay Equity, Compensation, Performance Management, Training & Development and Career Management.  Job analysis also assists with organizing workflow which will increase productivity.

The Next Step

Ongoing Support - The Journey to Success

Human Resources Management Orientation 

Consistent application of Human Resources policies & procedures is critical in defining the success of these systems.

Advisory Services

Senior HR expertise in helping you to manage your people effectively concerning disciplinary issues, terminations and employee relations. 

Knowledge Bank

On-line resource bank updated monthly with topics that are relevant to you and your HR needs. Our Knowledge Bank provides you with an abundance of resource information on topics like leadership and employee engagement, workplace wellness and motivation techniques.  We also provide you with the latest updates on HR related legislation and other government news.

Performance Management Tools & Training

The Performance Management process should be strategically aligned with the organizations mission, vision, values and goals to ensure optimum success.  There should be customized performance evaluation tools for each department within your organization.  Managers need to be trained on how to conduct a proper performance evaluation.

Development of a Formal Compensation Plan & Pay Equity Compliance

Pay Structures should be aligned with the business goals & strategies.  Any company that has more than 10 employees in the province of Ontario must comply with Pay Equity.


The training process is basically teaching managers and employees the basic skills/competencies that they need to perform their jobs. Click here to view our Training Calendar.

Recruitment Services

Our recruitment model focuses on providing our clients with a process that is timely, practical and cost effective.

Employee Opinion Surveys

Employee opinion surveys are a great way to measure employee engagement & job satisfaction and strength and development areas of your organization. They use questionnaires to measure certain areas such as communication, leadership, management/supervisor support, rewards & recognition, client/customer focus & commitment. The surveys can be completely customized and administered either online, manually, or through our website. We will then create customized reports based on your needs.

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