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A Note From Our Team

As we all deal with this unprecedented and difficult time with COVID-19, we want you to know that we are here to provide support and assistance for you.

Our team is available to provide support for any HR related issues that you are having. Your key contacts at HRPAR are:

Janice Leroux | janice@hrpar.ca 

Cheryl Claringbold | cheryl@hrpar.ca 

Kyle Thornhill | kyle@hrpar.ca  

Your HR PARtner In Business

At HR Performance & Results, we believe that all businesses, regardless of size, need senior level HR expertise from partners who are attuned to their business needs.  However, in small and mid-sized businesses, typically there is not an internal HR expert to provide that support. As a result, many managers often struggle to find the answers they need quickly. In today’s business climate, there is a high risk when businesses do not have an HR expert to consult with - and issues that are not managed effectively can ultimately have a significant impact on the organization.  

What sets us apart from other consulting companies is that we take a partnership approach.  We don't just advise - we also assist you in doing the work.  From developing a policy and procedure manual to advising you on employee issues, we are there for you each step of the way.  We strive to provide products and services that are both personalized and relevant.


Who We Are

We are a full-service Human Resources and Health & Safety firm.  Working with employers in the private and public sectors, we have a varied list of clients including companies in the following industries:

Construction, Automotive, Manufacturing, Transportation, Hospitality & Tourism, Services, Equipment Dealers, Municipalities, Professional Services Firms, Non-Profit & Information Technology

We also provide services to companies in other provinces.

Our professional HR PARtners have over 30 years experience as senior level Human Resources and Health & Safety generalists.  We are an integrated team of experts providing an unconventional approach to Human Resources.

We partner with businesses across industries seeking to maximize people performance and results through relevant in-sourced solutions.

We connect through our network of clients and affiliates.

People Make the Difference

Your people are your most valuable asset and effectively managing your team is crucial to your success.  The team at HR Performance & Results Inc. can help you change the way you manage your people.  You can benefit from our products and services by:  

  • Gaining understanding of employment related legislation and how it impacts your business
  • Discovering how to recruit and retain top performing employees
  • Clarifying employees’ roles and responsibilities through the job analysis/job description process
  • Learning how to better manage your employees through innovative, customized performance management systems
  • Implementing an objective, formal pay plan structure and defining your competitive positioning
  • Understanding when and how to use Employment Agreements & Contracts
  • Collaborating in the creating of an Employee Handbook designed specifically for your company 

...and that's just the beginning!

What kind of HR issues keep you up at night?

Contact your HR PARtners today and let us assess your Human Resources and Health & Safety needs!


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Interactive Training Programs


"....thank you for the excellent services provided by HR Performance & Results Inc.  Your company is well named."  Bryan Green,Greenferd Construction

"...the presentations we received were beyond what we expected", Bruce Stanton, Bayview- Wildwood Resorts Limited

What We Offer

Human Resources

We offer a range of in-sourced human resources solutions that include:

  • Human Resources Assessment
  • Human Resources Policies & Procedures
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Performance Management Systems and Training
  • Formal Compensation Plans
  • Employment Agreements
  • Job Analysis/Job Descriptions
  • Supervisory Skills Training
  • New Employee Orientation Programs
  • Human Resources Advisory Services
  • Recruitment and Profile Assessment Tools

What We Offer

Health & Safety

We offer a range of health & safety solutions including:

  • Health & Safety Policies & Procedures
  • Health & Safety Employee Handbooks
  • Health & Safety Advisory Services


In addition, we will also manage all of your Human Resources and Health & Safety documentation through our secure internet site, making all your documentation available to your management team at any time, anywhere.