Workplace Violence Risk Assessment Training

 The Occupational Health & Safety Act was amended to 

include Workplace Violence legislation which came into effect on June 15th, 2010.


The requirements for compliance include the following:

  • assess the risk of workplace violence and take reasonable precautions to protect workers from possible domestic violence in the workplace;
  • develop and communicate workplace violence and harassment policies and programs to workers;
  • alert workers of the risk of workplace violence from persons with a history of violent behaviour; 
  • train all employees, managers and supervisors on the policies and programs

HRPAR Training Program Agenda

  • Workplace Violence requirements
  • Why is this an important issue and why do we have this law?
  • Duties of employers including managers/supervisors and employees
  • Conducting the risk assessment process (to be completed by the participants once the participants go back to the workplace)

After training is complete:    

  • Review your company's risk assessments and develop or revise your policies on Workplace Violence and Harassment

Important Note: If you are audited by a Ministry of Labour (MOL) Inspector prior to attending our training session, please contact us immediately for our assistance in complying with the order.

The Registration Fee Includes:

  • A comprehensive three (3) hour program
  • Course materials, including customized risk assessment documentation for your company
  • A review of your Risk Assessment Report 
  • Develop and/or revise your workplace violence and harassment policies

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