About HR Performance & Results

Our Mission

To be an integrated team of experts that provides an unconventional approach to human resources.

To partner with businesses across industries in order to maximize people performance and results through relevant in-sourced solutions.

Our Values

Unconventional Thinking: Challenging and/or altering industry norms & practices to explore "What if?"

High Integrity: Uncompromising standards of business & individual behaviours.

Performance & Results: Maximizing people through measurable actions to achieve pre-determined, mutually advantageous outcomes.

Courage to Take Action: Doing what we "could do" if we weren't afraid, with ownership, accountability and responsibility.

Relevance: Dealing now with what matters most, now.


Human Resources ● Health and Safety ● Training and Development ● Profile XT ● Recruitment and Selection 

● Advisory Services ● Compensation ● Management Orientation ● AODA Training ● Training Workshops and Seminars 

● Employee Opinion Surveys ● Risk Assessment and Workplace Violence Training ● Harassment Training

 Workplace Investigation Services ● Harassment and Workplace Violence Investigators