HR Partnership Plan

At HR Performance & Results, we provide an unconventional approach to Human Resources. We develop integrated HR systems within companies that result in significant “bottom line” results.
What sets us apart from other consulting companies is that we have an in-sourced business model in which we take a partnership approach. What does this mean? We don’t just advise; we also assist you in doing the work.


Do you have your HR Foundation in place, or do you struggle with maintaining it? Do you need an HR expert to call?

At HR Performance & Results, we believe that all managers and business owners require support and advice from HR Professionals on various employment related issues and topics. However, in most businesses there typically is not an internal HR expert to provide that support, so managers and owners often struggle to find the answers they need quickly. In today’s business climate, there is a high risk when businesses do not have an HR expert to consult with and issues that are not managed effectively can ultimately have a significant impact on that organization.

Our “HR Partnership Plan” is a comprehensive and inclusive service based on 12 month contracts that provides your business with the required support you need for all of your Human Resources related needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us – because in today’s business climate, you need ongoing HR expertise and sound, practical advice.

The HR Partnership Plan includes:

Unlimited Advisory Services
  • Unlimited advisory services on an entire range of employee relations issues which can include but is not limited to, legal compliance questions, termination documentation, discipline issues, performance management challenges, Ministry of Labour Orders, etc. This service includes unlimited hours and assistance via phone, email and/or via zoom meetings for owners and managers.
An HR Document Management System
  • Having challenges managing your HR documentation? As part of the HR Partnership Plan, our team will help create, develop and manage all of your documentation, ensuring that it is kept up to date with changing legislation. On an annual basis we will audit all of your HR and H&S policies and procedures and documentation (i.e. employment agreements etc.) to ensure that they are current. We can create new policies specific to your business needs and practices, as well as review existing policies and update them to ensure they are compliant and up to date.
Customized E-Learning Programs

Did you know that your legal obligation as an employer is to ensure that you are training your employees on your own policies and procedures? As part of our HR Partnership Plan we will assist you in meeting this legal requirement by customizing e-learning programs for your business to ensure that your employees are trained on your policies and programs.

The following is a sample of the types of programs included.

  • Health and Safety Orientation Program (Your policies and your program)
  • Respect in the Workplace (Your Workplace Violence and Harassment policies and program)
  • AODA Compliance Training (what you are doing to meet your obligations related to accessibility for persons with disabilities)
  • WHMIS 2015 (Specific training on the chemicals your employees are handling etc.)
Employee Newsletters
  • Employee newsletters are great communication methods for any workplace. Our team will send you a quarterly list for you to select your topics and then we will draft the newsletter for you. All you have to do is send it out to your employees!
Client Newsletter Bulletin and Updates
  • Important HR related updates sent on a regular basis
  • Proactive phone calls notifying managers of important legislative changes

You have enough to deal with running your business.

Let us handle your Human Resources needs and give you the peace of mind that you are looking for.

HR Partnership Plan Form