Respect in the Workplace (Employees)


The purpose of the Respect in the Workplace program is to educate employees on the legal roles and responsibilities of employers, managers, supervisors, and employees as it relates to harassment (including sexual harassment), discrimination, and violence in the workplace. It also addresses critical topics including workplace bullying and workplace civility.

Intended Audience



Approx. 1 hour

  • Why is the legislation important?
    • Significant Cases
    • Domestic Violence Requirements
    • Right to Refuse Unsafe Work
    • Impact of Harassment & Violence in the Workplace
  • Employer Requirements Under the OHSA
    • Employer Requirements
    • Workplace Violence Risk Assessment
    • Workplace Violence and Harassment Policies and Programs
    • Code of Practice
    • Training Employees on Violence and Harassment Policies and Programs
    • Employee Requirements
  • Workplace Harassment, Violence, and Bullying
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • How to Respond
    • Managing Conflict
    • Making or Receiving a Complaint
    • Investigations
    • Reprisals
  • Understand the employer requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Define workplace harassment, violence, and bullying
  • Determine how to respond to acts of violence, harassment, and discrimination

Upon completion of the program and passing a final, multiple-choice exam, learners will be provided with a certificate of completion that can be downloaded and printed for their records.