Leadership during a Pandemic

Employers: you do have the ability to navigate your business through the rough and unpredictable waters of a Pandemic.

Sure, COVID-19 has likely steered you off course from where you hoped you would be and this may be tough to take; however, now is the time to adjust your expectations. You can still exercise a degree of control despite the uncertainty of COVID-19 to get your business, and your team, to where you want to be. By adapting your leadership style, you can demonstrate to your team that you are aware of the difficulties they are facing by doing everything you can to ensure everyone can overcome this challenge together.

Consider the points below and take the step towards making that vital change to your leadership style to provide some assurance to your team.

Slow Down and Assess the Situation

Now is the time to recognize that it may not be the best idea to try and keep the same pace as before the Pandemic. To do so may prevent you from understanding the impact COVID-19 is having, or has had, on your business which may worsen the consequences. Not only this, but to try and press on with business as usual may give your team the impression that they must follow suit, despite their fears and concerns about how COVID-19 is affecting them. Slow down: focus on creating strategies for mitigating any impact COVID-19 is having on your business and your team.

Be Proactive, Frequent and Honest when Communicating

Your team will likely have a lot of questions about how COVID-19 is impacting their job, their workplace and their life. Be up-front and honest with your team and provide them with regular updates concerning the measures you are taking as the Pandemic evolves.

Create Some Certainty

Your team will be relying on you for a sense of safety and stability at this time. It’s crucial that you try your best to provide them with a degree of certainty. Outlining your plan for how the business is going to move forward and being consistent in your messages will be key.

Show Your Care and Concern

This is a distinctly challenging time for all. Individuals cope with adversity in different ways. COVID-19 may be having an adverse impact on a team member’s mental health, especially if they are in isolation or are dealing with difficult circumstances away from work. You should demonstrate to your team that you embrace this fact and are open to accommodating different needs where you can. Take the time to drop work-related discussion every now and then to check how your team are coping.

Train your Management Team

Ensure that your managers share your adapted leadership philosophy. It may be an idea to hold a management meeting or workshop to train your managers on the way you want them to mentor the team during this crisis or the next. This will ensure consistency of approach throughout your business.

This is a critical period for your business. Uncertainty in business leads to vulnerability and this can negatively impact your team. However, being agile and resilient in your response to COVID-19 is your best chance to come out of the Pandemic in a strong position. Please contact the HRPAR team to discuss how we can help provide bespoke HR solutions for your business during COVID-19 and beyond.