Focus on your Workplace Culture

With so many aspects of life in a state of flux due to COVID-19, it can be difficult for employees to feel safe and secure.

Making a concerted effort to maintain or enhance a positive workplace culture can be an ideal remedy that employers can offer their employees. In building a great workplace culture, it can be useful to step back and consider the following when formulating a plan of action:

What type of organization do you want to be?

This is the starting point. Spend the time to deeply consider this question. It may be helpful to have a brainstorming session with all, or a cross-section of employees, i.e. those at worker and managerial level, to discuss what is important to various members of your organization and what it means to them to work for you. Be sure to note down all the ideas and suggestions that are raised. From this, you will have a wealth of information which you can use to create a written set of core values which your organization can really live by and be proud of. Distribute this document to all new and existing employees so they understand the culture you wish to maintain and how they can contribute to its success.

What about employees that are not in the office?

Maintaining a collaborative, team-oriented environment when you may have employees working in-house and remotely can be challenging. It is key that you ensure that both remote and in-house employees are made to feel valued in the same way. Ensure that remote employees are kept in the loop with open communication and daily updates. Encourage employees to make use of technology, such as Zoom, to stay connected and collaborate on projects together. It is crucial that you do not allow remote employees to feel disconnected and isolated from the rest of their team.

What activities can strengthen your workplace culture

Workplace culture effectively hinges on the daily or weekly routines that take place at your organization. What happens day-to-day forms the social and behavioural norms that creates your organization’s unique personality. This means maintaining your workplace culture requires regular work. Constantly investing in your team takes a little effort but after a while you should see your culture blossom. Don’t let COVID-19 halt the activities or perks that the team are used to outside of a Pandemic. That means keeping those team strategy meetings; the team building events as well as introducing things such as Zoom parties for employee birthdays or anniversaries.

Recognize your team’s efforts

This is an incredibly challenging time to work. Don’t let your employees believe that you aren’t aware of this fact. Recognize the great work your team is doing despite the obstacles COVID-19 is presenting them. Be sure to send the thank you notes or emails to employees and perhaps provide your team with a small token of your appreciation for their ongoing commitment to the organization.

Remember to have fun

Given all the stress and negative energy that is being caused by COVID-19, it is important that employees are afforded the opportunity to have fun together. Make sure you allocate some time in the week or month to allow employees to engage in an activity that facilitates stress relief and provides some much-needed escapism from the realities of COVID-19.

Maintaining or creating a positive workplace culture not only may help employees through COVID-19 but can be a crucial factor in retaining and attracting the best talent for your organization. Please contact the HRPAR team to discuss how we can help you build a great workplace culture as part of a tailored employee retention and talent acquisition plan.