Recruitment Strategy during COVID-19

COVID-19 has unsettled the economy and transformed the way organizations operate.

Where before, online team meetings; remote working and virtual interviewing may have been perceived as being the exclusive domain of the tech industry or Silicon Valley, the present realities of the economy have instituted such ways of working for almost all organizations.

During this crisis, it can be decisive for your organization to adapt your strategies for recruiting and investing in top talent so that you do not miss out on the opportunities that are out there.

Talent Hoarding

It is important to notice that many companies have decided to halt hiring and reduce their overheads by focusing on the costs of their workforce. This has led to mass lay-offs or terminations across several industries. This has also resulted in some companies using their stronger position to use market instability as a competitive advantage in the job market. These companies are continuing their recruitment process, or even increasing their recruitment efforts, while there is less competition for talent and a burgeoning candidate pool. If feasible, your company should recognize this is happening and if you are in the financial position to do so, execute on a recruitment strategy.

For example, some entrepreneurial companies may have had to lay-off entire software design teams filled with senior level experience all the way through to some of the biggest prospects in the industry. This coveted talent has now suddenly stepped back into the job market and are seeking opportunities. This means that the talent your company was desperate to attract before COVID-19 may now be available in abundance.

It is important to know that top talent can be secured in this way and steps should be taken to form recruitment strategies accordingly. Ironically, recruiting and retaining the best talent now may be the key to ensuring your organization comes out of COVID-19 in a strong position.

Position your Organization as Stable

If an organization has not handled COVID-19 too well or has failed to implement a desirable workplace culture where employees feel safe and secure, employees can become disillusioned very quickly. Stability and reliability perhaps rank higher than most other considerations for candidates right now. With this in mind, employers should ensure that they are focused on their employer brand and execute incisive marketing that lets candidates know their organization is a stable, safe and reliable place to contribute their skills and experience.

Keep the Pace

As mentioned, there is top talent out there looking to find roles quickly. Companies can’t let their recruitment processes drag on. Ensuring a positive candidate experience during the recruitment process will reduce the chance of top candidates dropping out and looking elsewhere. Companies should perform their due diligence on a candidate but should do so with a swift efficiency before that coveted candidate accepts other opportunities with competitors.

Let Candidates Know You Are Hiring

There is something of a misconception that most organizations are not hiring and have battened down the hatches. Companies must advertise the fact that they are open, still hiring and progressing through COVID-19. Top talent will gravitate towards organizations who exude stability by being active and seen in the job market.

Companies should polish their job postings online and try to keep them current as old job posts may be interpreted as irrelevant by candidates. Companies should make use of social media as well as their company website to broadcast their activity and their positivity in handling COVID-19. Now is the time more than ever to position your company as prominently as possible.

Embrace Technology

Notwithstanding that in-person interviews may increase health and safety risks as they relate to COVID-19, the adoption of virtual interviewing and technology is a crucial move to streamline your recruitment process and keep talented candidates engaged. If possible, invest in an Applicant Tracking System to automate the recruitment process to allow you to identify and interact with top talent sooner. Time is increasingly of the essence in recruitment; therefore, do not allow your competitors to steal an advantage by being slow to embrace the technology that can help you hire talent faster.

Recruiting the right individual for your company is not a simple process. Enlisting the help of expert recruitment specialists can be the difference between your company hiring the best talent, or your competitor taking them from you. Please contact the HRPAR team to discuss how we can assist you with all stages of the recruitment process: helping you to source the best individuals that will make a positive contribution to your company.