Customized Performance Management Tool 

A professional services firm was diligent in annually evaluating their employees' performance, however they were considering stopping the process because they were not observing any benefits.  They were utilizing the same form and the same criteria for all their positions and managers rushed to complete the forms for their employees.  Managers never received training on how to conduct a proper evaluation interview.




The First Step

In collaboration with the management team, HR Performance & Results developed a customized evaluation tool that identified the critical competencies and standards that were required to drive the business forward and maintain.  The form incorporated core competencies that were critical for all the positions and also identified the competencies that were function specific.  It also incorporated a section to capture the employee’s long term goals so that the company could align succession opportunities.


The Second Step

 HR Performance & Results facilitated a workshop on the process and how to conduct an effective evaluation for all their managers.  We continue to provide ongoing support to their management team on the evaluation process.


The Bottom Line Impact

There is an alignment between the performance management process and the company’s values and goals.  Employees now know what is expected of them and what outstanding performance looks like within the organization.  Since the form also incorporates the evaluation of the employee’s health & safety performance, the company is also compliant with Workwell criteria and their legal obligations under the Occupational Health & Safety Act.